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Prometheus  by Russell Tawn

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A little bit about me, Russell Tawn.

I was born in Bath, United Kingdom in 1974. After school where I got high grades in CDT technology and science I went on to a year of art college at Chippenham Technical college, after this I took an apprenticeship in Electro mechanical engineering which included 4 years at Bath Technical collage studying electrical installation and maintenance, hydraulics and pneumatics, programmable logic controllers, steam and compressor systems, mechanical engineering and some fabrication and structural engineering, after this in 1997 I took a break and learned some wood working skills where I made garden furniture and decorations for a small 3 man company, and then in 1998 I joined Alert systems ltd where we design and install custom CCTV and external alarm systems along with access control and intruder alarm systems, I have been doing this for over 15 years now working my way up to commissioning engineer, a main part of my job is problem finding and solving. In 2003 I decided to take the plunge and purchase a copy of  some decent CGI software, Lightwave3D by Newtek was my choice, I started out teaching myself from tutorials from the web and "trial and error" but found Lightwave had a very small learning curve, I soon joined some forums, the best of which I found the LWGV3 (now known as foundation 3D), and soon got my self known for tackling large models that had little reference, and some  of my first models have received a lot of attention on the web and through forum private messaging, these models were the "Tumbler" from Batman, the "Roger Young"from Starship troopers, and the "Tripod" from the Steven Spielberg  remake of "War of the worlds". I made a very short low quality animation of the tripod and put it on Youtube which quickly received over 20,000 hits!  The LWGV3 has now closed and reopened as foundation3d.com where I now post all my hobby work and still have a loyal following of people who download my finished free meshes from the resources  section of foundation3d and create fan renders. After finding some of my free models had been used in magazines  such as HDRI magazine (the "Tumbler" had a 10 page article) where  the writer (a visual effects director) had said how impressed with  the mesh he was and used it over one he was creating, and a  Japanese firm used the model to make a life size model, i decided  to get myself out there and make use of my talents,  so here I am!  to add to my creativeness I am fast learning and very good at self teaching so am able to add to my skill list very quickly. these skills come from understanding "how things work" and "how they fit together" , This has helped me in my modelling in that I try to work on recreating fan models of sci-fi icons which do not have much reference material. I have also now gone into the world of 3D Print or Rapid prototype at an early stage and have become very proficient at creating water tight and cheaply printable meshes in a verity of formats, covering a verity of mediums and skill sets. I have created several hundred models for print and also I am now venturing into Arch Viz with several Commercial projects from residential housing to revamping Industrial units. So if you are looking for anything to be visualized either through imagery or rapid prototyping, then look no further.

Russell Tawn.  aka rustythe1 aka Digitawn.

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